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We are Halfway There

The North Carolina Senate just voted 30-19 to override Governor Roy Cooper's veto of SB 41. SB 41 would give the churches of North Carolina with Christian schools attached the legal right to protect their worshipers with concealed carry during their services. The bill will now go to the state house side where a final vote will determine the outcome of the bill.

It is of the utmost importance that you contact your North Carolina House members and ask them to support SB 41. Three Democrats who voted with the Republicans should be called and encouraged to stand by their previous votes for SB 41. Here are the three Democratic state house members and their phone numbers:

▪ Rep. Marvin Lucas: 919-733-5775
▪ Rep. Shelly Willingham: 919-715-3024
▪ Rep. Michael Wray: 919-733-5662

Please continue to pray and work, and with God's help let's provide legal protection to our church membership.

Dr. Ron Baity
Return America

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